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When life throws you lemons, our Guides can help you make lemonade.

LifeGuides is a judgment-free, confidential place to receive support from an empathetic person who has walked through a similar life challenge. Having a Guide by your side can help you feel lighter, stronger, and more resilient in your daily life.

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What's a Guide?

Our Guides are people like you who’ve been in your shoes and have successfully overcome the challenges you’re going through. With this life experience, Guides help you navigate those stressful times to create a happier, more positive and peaceful existence.

What's a Life Challenge?

A life challenge is any type of event (big or small) at work or at home that distracts you, affects your emotional well-being, becomes a burden, or keeps you up at night.

Is LifeGuides confidential ?

Our peer-to-peer network provides a safe and 100% confidential place of empathy, listening, caring and support.

Improve your emotional well-being with peer-to-peer support.

Positive Outcomes include:

Accountability, Positive Mindset, Happiness, Stress management, Sense of relief, Enhanced vitality & sharper focus, Greater team productivity, Resilience, More balanced well-being