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Our webinars cover a variety of topics around stress management, well-being, family relationship, work like balance, caregiving, grief and loss, and so much more.

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Episode 8:

Ending Abuse

with Janet Grace Nelson

Episode 7:

Finding Space Within Life Challenges

with Cynthia Causbie

Episode 6:

Destined Caregiver

with Virginia Freeman

Episode 5:

Big Life Change: From pain to freedom

with Marc Prescott

Episode 4:

Belonging and Finding Place thru Life Transitions

with Ximena Veliz

Episode 3:

From Surviving to Thriving

with Birdie Wilde

Episode 2:

Finding HOPE Amidst Grief, Loss and Difficult Times

with Kathryn Patton

Episode 1:

Sandwich Generation Caregiving

with Dawn Marie

Meditation Series

Episode 1:

Meditation One

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